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Navakerala Is A 501(c)(3) Organization Allowing Federal Tax Exemptions 


Nava Kerala is a non-profit community organization formed by the original Kerala settlers who relocated to South Florida in the early 1990s. It's objectives were preserving culture and traditions, creating a gathering place, and supporting quality of life. The founders wanted to ensure that Kerala's cultural heritage and traditions, their place of origin, were maintained even as they settled in South Florida. Nava Kerala aims to preserve and promote its practices and culture in its new surroundings while creating a sense of community and support for themselves and future generations. Nava Kerala is a hub for social interactions cultural activities, and a support network for its members; which involved celebrating festivals, organizing cultural events, providing language classes, traditional arts, and entertainment, and passing down traditions to the next generation. This support could encompass various aspects such as education, healthcare, employment opportunities, and social well-being. Additionally, Nava Kerala is a source of support and solidarity for individuals and families far away from their home countries.

The Feel of Kerala