Nava Kerala Malayali Association of South Florida aims to empower, unite, foster
growth, and transform lives within the Indian community. We are dedicated to
fostering growth and development among individuals and families while
channeling our resources to offer financial assistance to those who genuinely deserve it through various charitable initiatives.



​​​    NAVAKERALA SOUTH FLORIDA                                   CONTACT  +1 954 696 7872                                navakeralasouthflorida@gmail.com

Key Pillars of Our Mission:
 Community-Centric Support: We are committed to creating a robust, interconnected community that thrives on mutual support. Through educational programs, cultural events, and social initiatives, we aim to strengthen the bonds that unite us and uplift members of our community.

 Empowering Growth: Our organization is dedicated to enabling individuals and families to reach their full potential. We provide access to resources, mentorship, and guidance that enable personal and professional growth, ensuring a brighter future for all.

 Financial Assistance for Deserving Causes: We understand the  importance of giving back to society by partnering with various charities and philanthropic organizations. Work diligently to provide financial assistance to those in dire need, contributing to positive change and lasting impact.

 Cultural Preservation: Recognize the importance of preserving and celebrating our rich Indian heritage. Through cultural events, workshops, and initiatives, we aim to pass on our traditions and values to future generations while fostering cultural diversity and inclusivity.

 Collaboration and Outreach: We actively collaborate with like-minded organizations, businesses, and individuals to create a collective force for good. Together, we strive to address the challenges our community and the broader society face.